Frigidaire Flair For Sale

Frigidaire Custom Imperial Range For Sale

Purchased by my parents in 1967 and then stored for two years while we were in Spain, so it was installed in our house in 1969.

Model RCI-635J.  Serial #6560105.

Everything works except the clock.  Placed in storage about four years ago.  Looking for a good home.

62″ High,  30″ Wide.  Weighs approximately 230 lbs for range/oven, and 56 lbs for
base.  Total weight: 286 lbs approx. Asking $495.  Shipping or delivery charge additional.  See below.

With service, it is fairly easy to arrange shipment regionally or across the country.  If you are interested in finding out what would be the freight charges for shipping to a destination beyond 100 miles from zip code 53217, I can provide an exact shipping price, if you provide your zip code.   Otherwise, I can deliver within a 100 miles radius of Zip Code 53217 for a flat rate of $100.00.

Range is located in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zip Code 53217




10 Responses to “Frigidaire Flair For Sale”

  1. Loralyn Says:

    do you still have the frigidaire flair for sale or have you already sold it?

  2. synthia sutton Says:

    Is the stove still available? I know this is an old post but can’t find out if expired?

  3. jeff Dowell Says:

    Do you still have this avalible. Thanks Jeff

  4. becky Says:

    has this stove been sold?

  5. waltoninn Says:

    Yes. It sold. Forgot to post it.

  6. Kimmie Henderson Says:

    I have one just like without stand. Plugged it in and it works! Ther people I got from asked me to take it to junk yard ! Yeah right id like 600$ for it. It’s way cool. If anyone is interested
    Contact me at

  7. Deonna Gottschalk Says:

    Very nice, thank you!

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